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New Prince EP Arriving Friday

Sample the first song 'Deliverance'


The new EP has now disappeared from iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon. According to TMZ, the EP’s removal is a direct result of the lawsuit. A federal judge has reportedly ruled in favor of the Prince estate, and Boxill has allegedly been ordered to turn over the recordings to the estate. Earlier today, a press release claimed that the EP had hit No. 1 on iTunes’ album pre-order chart. The EP is still available to pre-order on the project’s website, PrinceRogersNelson.com.

This Friday (the one year anniversary of his death), an EP of previously unreleased Prince material will be released. The EP is called Deliverance, and it features six unearthed recordings Prince made between 2006 and 2008.

You can hear the track “Deliverance,” below and is available now on iTunes and Apple Music.

Prince co-wrote and co-produced the songs with Ian Boxill, an engineer who worked with Prince on records from that same 2006-2008 period (including 3121 and Planet Earth). After Prince died, Boxill completed the arrangements, production, and mixes for those songs. The EP is being released by RMA. The majority of the profits will go to Prince’s estate, a press release confirms. The EP will also be available on CD this Friday. Find more details about the EP here.

Since this EP was announced Paisley Park and Prince’s estate are now suing Boxill to prevent the EP’s release, according to KSTP (via NPR). Boxill had allegedly signed a confidentiality agreement that stated all of his work with Prince “would remain Prince’s sole and exclusive property.” The lawsuit also states that the EP could damage the interests of the estate and Paisley Park “permanently and irreparably,” and that the allegedly unauthorized release “deprives Prince (and now the Estate) from choosing what is released to the public and when.”

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